Although CR.A.F.T was officially established in September of 2019, the Ensamble Cultural has been around since 2015. Through his vision of community service and using the guitar as a tool for well-being and empowerment, Mr. Aguilar formed this ensemble at the Centro Cultural de Cameron Park.

Since then, the focus of this group has been to include musica folklorica along with music literature concepts to provide the tools necessary that will allow each individual student a level of competency with the instrument where they will be able to enjoy the guitar on their own time and projects.


This program is available to any U.S. veteran. These group lessons, of no more than 3 members per group, focus on learning how to play the guitar properly. Music literature and songs of our nation are also taught in these lessons. As the group begins to master the instrument as a unit, guitar pieces will begin to be included in their repertoire. All lessons are carried out following the current safety guidelines of the state.


This is a 4-month concert series focused around the guitar but not exclusive to the classical guitar. These concerts are performed by guest artists from all over Texas. The music performed is made up of pieces from around the world. As of 2020, this concert series is held virtually. We hope to host these concerts in venues in the near future and have the community experience the passion and joy that these artists promote with their interpretations. Each concert is free to the audience and donations are encouraged.


This festival is a community event where a mix of local sponsors come together to create a carnival-like atmosphere in support of CRAFT’s mission. Since 2016, this event has been hosted by The Brocken Sprocket in Brownsville, Texas. The festival’s activities include games or raffles at each of our sponsors’ booths. Businesses and organizations such as ROCA, Luke Fruia, and The Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts have provided their support to make this event possible. In addition, students and instructors from MusiK Music Studio give a live music performance for the audience. Rocktober Fest is a very lively and welcoming festival. All the funds gathered at this event are used in buying instruments and materials for our community groups.